POWER GUIDANCE Medicine Ball, 6-30 Lbs
POWER GUIDANCE Medicine Ball, 6-30 Lbs
POWER GUIDANCE Medicine Ball, 6-30 Lbs
POWER GUIDANCE Medicine Ball, 6-30 Lbs
POWER GUIDANCE Medicine Ball, 6-30 Lbs

POWER GUIDANCE Medicine Ball, 6-30 Lbs

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You can use Our Medicine ball for overhead lunges, ball slams, push-ups, bear crawls, Russian twists, squat throws, thrusters, air squats, sit-ups, and more! It’s a great muscle toner and strengthener, and you’ll love how it improves your athletic life. This ball’s rugged.  Perfect for getting rid of excess energy and pent-up frustration.

Durable, Designed to withstand the pressure of constant slamming or bouncing on the floor or wall, our air-filled Medicine Ball is made of a durable rubber casing that is burst-resistant and delivers twice the bounce than other brands.

Multiple weights options, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, there's a weighted exercise ball that's right for you. Start with the 4lb ball and move up gradually to 6, 8, 10 or 12lbs to strengthen and tone your core and upper and lower areas of your body.

Non slip grip, Medicine Balls are designed with a diamond pattern on the black surface and a marble texture on the rest of the ball. This dual pattern delivers a secure and steady grip so you can safely handle the weighted ball during slamming, bouncing or tossing.

Quality, Medicine Ball offers unlimited variations to basic moves such as squats, shoulder presses, push-ups, lunges, chest tosses, jumps, and deadlifts. Med ball exercises combine the power of weight training with speed of movement to build explosive strength and endurance into your training program.

Multi-function, Use it alone, with a training partner or a group exercise class at home, in the gym, outdoors or anywhere you feel the need to give your muscles that extra challenge anytime of the day.



  • The medicine ball has been used for decades to strengthening the core, trunk, abs, arms, oblique’s and upper body for explosive results.
  • The rubber medicine ball is ideal for bounce passes, chest passes and overhead passes with a partner or off secure wall training solo.
  • Increase strength, power, thrust, explosiveness, agility, coordination and balance.
  • Ideal addition and component for all training and fitness workouts.
  • Textured for easy grip
  • Workout designed to release energy
  • Designed for throwing, slamming, and catching
  • PVC that prevents blowouts when slammed to the ground