Fitness Kettlebells
Fitness Kettlebells

Fitness Kettlebells

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Our High End fitness kettlebells are effective for total body cardio workout, fat burning, and muscle toning and active recovery. They work great to build up and increase your strength, stability and power. Daily training with kettlebells can help improve movement, agility and speed. There are many health benefits you can get from exercising with these little kettlebells.

High Quality, Built to last - constructed of solid cast iron with no welds, weak spots, or seams. Great for training indoor & outdoor.

No worries, Painted to prevent corrosion and increase durability & give you better grip strength with no slipping in your hand like a glossy finish.

Wide smooth Handle, slightly textured handle to provide a comfortable & secure grip for high reps, makes chalk unnecessary for both men & women.

Stability, Enable upright storage, ideal for renegade rows, handstands, mounted pistol squats & other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom.

Most Versatile, Used for swings, deadlifts, squats, lifting, get-ups & snatches to workout & increase strength of many muscle groups & body parts including biceps, shoulders, legs, & more.

Large Round Handle - Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell features textured, solid handle for a non-slip, safe and comfortable grip with one or both hands, and easy for both men and women to use so you can push yourself to the limit.


  • One solid steel construction for long-lasting durability.
  • Black powder coating ensures no rust or chipping.
  • Wide authentic smooth kettlebell handles for easy and comfortable grip.
  • Available in Multiple weights